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Who We Are


Supporting more than 150,000
patients across Europe every day.

Who We Are


"Working Together to Improve Lives by Inspiring Excellence in Home Healthcare"


is at the core of what we do at Dolby Vivisol. The company focuses on continually improving its services, with the aim being to offer the NHS efficient, but sustainable, solutions.

We constantly look to adopt innovation and improve our products and services through extensive research and engaging with Healthcare Professionals and patients.


By bringing our vision to life, we seek to help create the most beneficial care environment within the patient's home, thus enabling them to follow their prescribed treatment, achieve the best possible outcome, and improve their quality of life.



Our History

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Our Story

Dolby Vivisol

Already on a remarkable journey since its foundation, VIVISOL decided to push the boundaries even further. In 2010 Dolby Medical became the newest addition to the VIVISOL family and Dolby Vivisol was born. 


Dolby Vivisol is a unique UK provider of Home Healthcare services specialising in respiratory care.  We offer a range of services including home oxygen therapy; of which we currently hold three of the NHS regional contracts for providing this service to around 20,000 patients.

Dolby Vivisol also offers home NIV services, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing, aerosol and nebulizer therapy.


Dolby Vivisol has many years' experience throughout the UK and Europe, supporting research and innovation to provide benefits to our patients, from the flexibility built in to our systems to the adoption of new technology, we deliver a high quality of care.




SOL was founded in 1927 by a small group of people in Monza, Italy including the Annoni and Fumagalli families.  They originally produced and supplied oxygen and acetylene to shipyards in Leghorn and Ancona for cutting and welding purposes.


Whilst remaining under the management of the Annoni and Fumagalli families the SOL group has greatly expanded with a professional history of over 80 years that led to the creation of VIVISOL.


Starting Group

The SOL Group is also a European leader in the design, construction, implementation and management of laboratory cryogenic cell factories and banks, the invention of monoclonal antibodies targeted therapies as well as in the production of technical gases used in medical procedures.  



VIVISOL was founded in 1986 as an arm of the SOL group and is fully dedicated to Home Respiratory Care.


The company is one of the premier European groups working in the home care sector, specialising in respiratory care, mechanical ventilation, and diagnosis and care of sleep disordered breathing.  VIVISOL also provide services in the fields of artificial nutrition, telemedicine, health assistance and the prevention and treatment of skin ulcers.



Dolby Medical

Dolby Medical Home Respiratory Care, formally known as R. L. Dolby Ltd, is a provider of medical products and services to healthcare organisations throughout the UK. 


In 2003 Dolby Medical were awarded a rolling contract to provide oxygen therapy services in conjunction with the Scottish Healthcare Service.


Dolby Medical have not only maintained the provision of the home oxygen service within Scotland but significantly widened the scope and quality of the service.





Contact Info

Registered Office Address:

Dolby Medical Home Respiratory Care Ltd
North Suite, Lomond Court,
Castle Business Park, Stirling,

Registered in Scotland No. 063902

Gatwick Office Address:

Dolby Vivisol
Southpoint, Old Brighton Road,
Lowfield Heath,
Gatwick, West Sussex,
RH11 0PR



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