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    Tuesday, December 21, 2021

    We're incredibly proud of our team at Dolby Vivisol and are continuing to put some faces to the names of those people you may have been in touch with or who work 'behind the scenes' to ensure that delivery, service, technology and clinical expertise are always catered for.

    Today, we're sharing the chat we had with Lee. 


    What do you do? 

    I am the Depot Manager in Burgess Hill. I manage the day to day operations in the depot and run the logistics for 12 technicians, serving more than 2700 patients.

    I plan the logistics across the area for the technicians, sourcing the best routes to allow us to complete as many tasks as possible and meet prescription requests accurately and efficiently for our patients.  

    I ensure my team of technicians have the appropriate stocks and tools to allow them to safely carry out their duties throughout their day for the needs of our patients.


    Note: Key points to remember with your oxygen equipment


    What does your day involve? 

    My day usually starts around 5am at the depot to prepare the empty cylinders, liquid oxygen dewars, concentrators and devices ready for returning to our filling plant. 

    Around 5:45am, our lorry arrives for me to unload all of our new stock before reloading the empty items.

    These details are shared with the field services manager to build a picture of what is happening across all five of our depots in England.

    From 7:30am, my team of technicians arrive to review the routes and patient requirements, load their respective vans and head off for their day of installations, deliveries and replenishment.

    This leaves me time to prepare the depot for the next day and complete reports and paperwork to ensure that we are always delivering the best service possible for our patients.


    What's the best thing about your job? 

    That we make patients lives better through the service I now manage is by far the best thing to take away from my role.

    After being a technician for nine years, I have witnessed many occasions where patients are in urgent need of our support, some are unable to talk when we arrive due to their condition; however, once the oxygen installation and training are completed they are soon feeling comfortable and chatting as normal. Knowing you have made a positive impact on someone’s lifestyle is very rewarding and the patients truly appreciate the service.


    How do you unwind after a day's work? 

    A long, relaxing bath then I enjoy dinner with my wife and three children. My 4-year-old usually has some funny ideas or stories but I can hardly understand my eldest, who’s 16, with this new language the youth have created in the last 20 years since I was that age!

    Contact info

    Registered Office Address:

    Dolby Medical Home
    Respiratory Care Ltd
    North Suite, Lomond Court,
    Castle Business Park, Stirling,
    FK9 4TU

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    Registered in Scotland
    No. 063902


    Home oxygen enquiries: 0800 833 531

    Respiratory support: 0800 121 4012

    Gatwick Office Address:

    Palladian, Manor Royal,
    Old Brighton Road,
    RH10 9PY

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    Home oxygen enquiries: 0800 917 9840

    Respiratory support: 0800 121 4012

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