Concentrator rebates

    Did you know that if you use an Oxygen Concentrator in your home you are entitled to a financial rebate to offset the electricity costs of using the machine at your main address?

    This rebate is a contribution from the NHS towards the electricity consumed whilst you are using the Oxygen Concentrator. It is a calculation based on the hours' usage of the machine over a set period of time. It is independent of any utility bill that you will receive and based on a meter reading that is integrated within the machine. This meter records the total time that the machine has been used in hours.

    Dolby Vivisol administers the rebate process on behalf of the NHS and will deal with all the administration including calculating and processing of any payment.

    Electricity rebates
    After the Dolby Vivisol Home Care Technician has installed your Concentrator, they will explain to you how it works and may also mention rebates.

    You will also receive a letter from the team at Dolby Vivisol providing more information regarding the rebate process and requesting that you return a form with your details. This is so that any rebate due can be processed and paid directly into the correct bank account. It is very important to return this form promptly, any delay could result in payments not being approved or deadlines being missed.

    How is a rebate calculated?
    Each concentrator has a meter that records the hours the machine has been used.

    We must regularly capture meter readings to ensure accurate payment. These are usually captured when Dolby Vivisol routinely services your equipment.

    Rebates will be based on this meter reading which is carried out at the time of service or estimated between servicing intervals to record the number of hours of usage on the concentrator.

    Your first concentrator service will take place approximately three months after installation. Other services will take place once every six months thereafter.

    To receive a rebate the NHS stipulate that you must allow a full-service inspection to take place at least once every six months.

    The NHS set the rebate levels at a regional level.

    How often do I receive rebate payments?
    The frequency of payment will be approximately once every three months, starting from the month after you had the concentrator installed. Dolby Vivisol process payments for the NHS once a month.

    Payments are made in the month following the rebate period and the payment is typically processed at the end of the month.

    Provide a meter reading
    To help with accurate payments you can also provide us with regular meter readings. If you would like to submit a meter reading, you can now do this online at

    What if I have a question?
    The team are always keen to help or answer any questions. They can be contacted between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday either by emailing them at or calling on 0800 011 3422 then option 2 for Rebate Enquiries

    Below is an example of an electricity rebate cycle. This may differ for various reasons such as region and service intervals. 

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