Using a humidifier?

    A humidifier can make therapy more comfortable for patients that suffer from a dry mouth and throat, or stuffy nose.

    Humidifiers use a water chamber and a heating element to heat water, creating water vapour. This vapour is mixed with the air supplied to the patient via the device, which helps reduce complaints regarding dryness and discomfort.

    Condensation in the hose

    The use of a humidifier can cause:

    • condensation in the hose
    • bubbling sounds
    • moist air on the face

    Condensation is present because the temperature in the hose is warmer than the temperature outside.

    The following steps may help reduce this condensation:

    • Place the hose under a duvet or blanket
    • Keep the windows closed
    • If possible increase the room temperature so it is between 16˚ and 18˚ Celsius
    • Lower the position of the humidifier
    • Use a hose holder to raise the hose above the device so any condensation flows back into the device
    • Use a hose cover or heated hose but at the same time

    Other therapy areas we support

    Male patient with nasal cannula sat up in bed looking at his wife

    Home Oxygen Therapy

    Dolby Vivisol aims to optimise the quality of life for patients requiring home oxygen, by providing a quality service underpinned by knowledge, safety and experience.

    Male patient asleep in bed with CPAP mask

    Sleep Apnoea Therapy

    Clinical data indicates that Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS) is one of the most frequent causes of sleep disordered breathing. OSAS is a clinical condition characterised by numerous episodes of apnoea and hypopnea during each hour of sleep.

    Male patient asleep in bed with CPAP mask

    Home Ventilation Therapy

    Dolby Vivisol is one of the European leaders in providing Home NIV services. We always combine the best technology and a quality service with the competence of our highly specialised Healthcare Professionals.

    Mum with son holding an oxygen mask to his face from oxygen nebuliser

    Aerosol / Nebuliser Therapy

    Aerosol therapy facilitates the administration of nebulised medicines directly into the lungs. It may be used to treat chronic asthma, acute asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or other conditions.

    Middle aged couple laughing and walking along the beach at sunset


    Vivitravel offers patients private oxygen therapy which includes; access to a wide range of equipment, 24-7 patient support contact centre, with dedicated holiday enquiry line and travel within the South East of England and Scotland.

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